Client Review

Name: Pauline Goncalves
Trip (Voyage) : Manaslu Trek
Date Of Trip : 08-05-2024
Rating :

Hello Fabien,

The end of the trip is very close for me and I wanted to thank you for your availability and help throughout this stay.

This adventure was wonderful and would not have been the same without the fabulous team of BaseCamptrek sent with us. There was the guide, the assistant guide and the porters, they were all wonderful and took great care of us. They were keen to share Nepalese and Tibetan culture with us, making this trek much richer than a simple hike.
I was particularly impressed by the guide's patience and professionalism.

The only small downside is the discovery of Kathmandu which was a bit hassle. But that doesn't take away from the magic of this trip.

A big thank you to the entire base camp team.