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Population : 725 296 habitants

Superficie : 47 000 km²

Densité : 15.4 hab/km²

Capitale : Thimphu

Régime Politique : Monarchie Constitutionnelle

Religions : Bouddhisme

Ethnie(s) : Bothia, Sharkopa, Lhotsampa

Langue(s) : Dzongkha

Monnaie : Ngultrum

Indépendance : 21 Septembre 1971

Fête Nationale : 17 Décembre (institution du roi Bop Choda en 1807)

PIB par habitants : 2 523$

IDH : 0.522

Espérance de vie à la naissance : 64 ans

Climat : Subtropical au Sud ; Tempéré et Montagnard au Nord.

Point Culminant : 7 553 m Gangkhar Puensum

Country facts Bhutan - Base Camp Trek

Country facts: Bhutan

Bhutan: a tiny kingdom under Indian protectorate that voluntarily chose to limit the number of visiting tourists. If Government of Bhutan has been imposing high visa fees, the country has been able to preserve both of its culture and environment. In addition, the Government and travel agencies always offer high standards services. Incidentally, Bhutan prefers to talk about NGH (National Growth Happiness) than about GNP (Growth National Product). Whether you will visit Bhutan for a comfortable cultural comfy tour or you prefer to go for a sustained trek far from touristic areas; Bhutan remains one of the last Himalayan gem.

Things to do, things to see: Culture, adventure, trekking.

  • Attend some monastic dance festivals that gather the entire population; witness popular or religious grant celebrations that constitute the heart of country cultural life.
  • Visit the Dzongs, Paro, Thimphu, Wangdipodrang former fortresses that today became today monastic and administrative centers. The most ancient of them were built in the 16th Century.
  • Discover the Tsonga Museum, recently opened in a former fortress.
  • Explore tiny monasteries of small villages and settlements with traditional houses made of Lauze.
  • Go for a simple hike accessible to everyone or for some trek in regions where very few tourists go.
  • Experience the Snowman Trek and cross the country from East to West in 23 days.

Formalities: It is compulsory to go through a travel agency to get the visa (about 3 weeks). No possibility to travel as an individual tourist.

Climate: North side Himalayan climate. Monsoon in summer, cold in December and January.

Ideal period: from September to November and from March to May.

Access: Flights from Kathmandu, Delhi, Bangkok. Road access from the Siliguri Boarder (North East India)