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Population : 30 430 267  habitants

Superficie : 147 181 km²

Densité : 206.7 hab/km²

Capitale : Katmandou

Régime Politique : République

Religions : Hindouisme, Bouddhisme

Ethnie(s) : Chhettri, Brahman, Tamang, Newar, Gurung, Sherpa, …

Langue(s) : Népali (officielle)

Monnaie : Roupie Népalaise

Indépendance : 1923

Fête Nationale : 28 Décembre (anniversaire du roi Birendra)

PIB Total (en million $) : 19 921

PIB par habitants : 743$

IDH : 0.548

Espérance de vie à la naissance : 67 ans

Climat : Subtropical au Sud ; Continental entre 1000 et 4000m ; Montagnard au Nord.

Point Culminant : 8 848 m Everest

Indépendance : a toujours été indépendant depuis l’unification en 1768

Country facts Nepal - Base Camp Trek

Countries facts: Nepal

There is no need anymore to introduce Nepal; “the” land of trekking and adventures and rich cultural heritage. Lying from Kipling jungles to the highest summits of the world, Nepal is a geographical and cultural kaleidoscope with numerous ethnicities, languages, and traditions. Nepal is a country where each and every one can find its very own adventure.

Things to do, things to see: Culture, adventure, trekking.

  • The richness of the Kathmandu Valley with hundreds temples and 7 sites part of the UNESCO World Heritage: Bodnath stupa, Kathmandu Durbar Square and the former imperial cities of Patan and Bhaktapur. A valley where Buddhism culture meets and mingles with Hinduism traditions.
  • Nepal is by definition a land of adventures. From the jungles to the highest Himalayan picks, the country offers unlimited possibilities of hikes and treks. Moreover, regions as Annapurnas, Everest, Langtang, Dolpo or Mustang offer the opportunity to combine a trek to a high altitude-summit trek, reaching altitudes between 6000 and 6500 meters. Then, Nepal is by its essence the country of real expeditions, with climbing expeditions on the top of one of the Nepalese Himalayas’ 8000m summit.
  • With the opening of the Great Himalayan Trail crossing he country from East to West; Nepal now offers a totally new set of destinations. Going to Ilam in the East to explore the of tea plantations or trekking around the Ganesh Himal will allow you to discover regions far from main tourism paths.
  • Nepal is also the land of outdoor and adventurous experiences: bungee jump, paragliding, zip lines, mountain biking in Mustang, Elephant ride, rafting on the world’s highest rivers, ornithological hikes, meditation or any idea to invent together…