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A savoir

Population : 3 000 000 habitants

Superficie : 2 500 000 km²

Densité : 1.2 hab/km²

Capitale : Lhassa

Régime Politique : Sous tutelle

Religions : Bouddhisme

Ethnie(s) : Tibétains, Mombas, Qiang, Lhombas

Langue(s) : Tibétain

Monnaie : Yuan

Indépendance : Occupé

Fête Nationale : 10 mars (soulèvement contre la Chine en 1959)

PIB Total (en million) : 7 600

PIB par habitants : 3 800$

IDH : 0.404

Espérance de vie à la naissance : 67 ans

Climat : Haut plateau

Point Culminant : 8 848 m Everest

Country facts Tibet Base Camp Trek

Country facts: Tibet

Central Tibet

Despite the Chinese occupation, travelling to Tibet remains an extraordinary experience none ever returns unchanged. Tibet offers various possibilities: Experience a comfortable cultural trips between Lhassa and Kathmandu through the Himalayan chain; follow Tibetans Buddhists pilgrims on their way to Mt Kailash; get close to the highest trekking summits; ride on a mountain or a motor bike on the trails where nomads plant thick black tents to graze their huge horses and yaks’ flocks.

Things to do, things to see: Culture, adventure, trekking.

  • Discover the Tibetan plateau, the high altitude road linking Lhassa to Kathmandu, and get the chance to see the hidden side of Mt Everest (Base Camp)
  • Visit great monastic institutions such as Potala, Drepung, Ganden, Samyé, Gyantsé; former city-state that used to and still today host (to a lesser extend) thousands of monks.
  • Witness the fervor and the incredible smiles of theTibetan population either on local markets, old Lhassa streets or in the intimacy of Buddhist temples.
  • Experience an unforgettable adventure around Mt Kailash, the sacred mountain, where thousands of Tibetans pilgrims use to convey every year. Three days of an outstanding trekking walking around the mountain on the path of the Buddhists pilgrims. In order to avoid road traffic and vehicles, it is possible to reach Mt Kailash through an 8 days long trek from Simikot (Nepal).
  • Explore an almost untouched land of treks, adventures, and expeditions between Earth and Sky.
  • Take the train from China (Xining, Beijing, Chengdu) to Lhassa, crossing the high Tibetan plateau.

Formalities: A trip to Tibet can only be organized through a travel agency while following a fix itinerary set in advance. Base Camp will arrange the visa (it takes about 15 days). No possibility of individual trip.

Climate: North side of the Himalayas. Absence or very low raining season.

Ideal period: May to October

Access: Flights from Kathmandu, Chengdu. Train from Xining and Beijing.