In the footsteps of the old caravaneers

From the Indus valley to the Tibetan Changtang plateau, passing through the Sham region and the Markha valley, we meet the inhabitants mainly farmers and breeders and discover some known and secret monasteries. A complete immersion in Ladakhi and Champa countries: a change of scenery guaranteed!
Our trip begins with three days of easy trek in the Sham region, a small immersion in local life where we stay homestay in beautiful Ladakh houses. We then gradually climb in altitude and we head into the Markha valley, which opens onto the high peaks of the Kangyatsé massif. From passes to villages, we walk through colorful reliefs where ocher, green, turquoise or slate blue contrast with the luxuriance of oasis villages.

We end our great trek in the high plateau of Changtang, land of transhumance of nomadic pastoralists champas. We meet them and try to understand their way of life. The exchanges are done naturally and with a little luck we bivouac next to their camp. The lakes of Tsokar and Tsomoriri are also the real highlights of this trip.

- Discovery of three very different regions of Ladakh
- A great summer trekking in the Himalayas
- Encounter with nomads of Changtang and of Tsomoriri Lake
- Great West-East crossing of Ladakh



  • Level of Trek: Very Difficult
  • Best Period: June - September
  • Duration: 21 Days
  • Highest Altitude: 5300 Meters
  • Flights: Delhi - Leh - Delhi

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According to your time of arrival: short night in a hotel close to the airport or transit at the airport.

Once arrived in Delhi, we will take a domestic flight to Leh. We will fly over the Himalayan range.
Arrival at the hotel, resting and altitude acclimation day
- Accommodation: Hotel 

Discovery of the High Altitude Indus Valley and of the Great monasteries of Shey, Thiksey and Rizong. Shey used to be the capital city of the Kingdom during the 13th Century.
We will then visit the monastery of Thiksey, on the right bank of the Indus river, about 20 km far from Leh. This monastery was built during the 15th Century and is dedicated to Maitreya, the Buddha of the future.
In the afternoon, we will head toward Hemishukpachen,, where Angchok and Tsering will welcome us. On the way, we will visit the Monastery of Rizong, located in an astonishing circus.

- Accommodation : Homestay

After an hour of an uphill walk up to the pass of Mebtak at 3830m ; downhill walk toward Ang and Temisgam. The path has been carved in the ochre, pink, and purple (Ophiolites) rocks ; reminding us that the Himalayas emerged some fifty millions years ago of the Tethy sea waters. Once we will have reached Temisgam, we will have a short transfer on a wonderful sinuous road up to Lamayuru. After a short tea break, we will visit the monastery of Lamayuru (11th Century) with its three great temples, perched on a rock overlooking the village.
- Elevation + : 400m
- Elevation - : 700m
- Hours of walk : 4 to 5h
- Hours of transportation : 1
- Accommodation : Guest house

It is one of the most beautiful day of trek regarding the landscapes. The colour of the rocks keeps changing according to the day light and contrasts with the greenery scenes of the Lamayuru village.
Then we will walk up hill up to the Prinkiti pass (3 700m). Once there, after a short break, we will start walking downhill toward Wangla.
Finally, in the early evening, we will visit the monastery of Rinchen Zangpo, perched on a hill overlooking the village of Wangla.
We will then spend the night in Punchok’s family house.
- Walking hours : 4h
- Accommodation : Homestay

Short transfer along the Yapola river up to the villages of Phankilla and Hinju (3 740m). We will then walk through an amazing valley that clives the arid and colourfull rocky mountains sometimes mounted by ice.
There, the tiniest water point brings an oasis of greenery.
- Elevation + : 600m
- Hours of walk : 4h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents


The first day of sustained trekking with the passage of the Konzle-La pass at an altitude of 4 880m. We will progressively walk up to the pass on a zigzagging path. After enjoying the view, we will walk downhill up to our camp.
- Elevation + : 1000m
- Elevation - : 800m
- Hours of walk : 6h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

We will walk along the river accompanied by the rocky sharp needles of the mountains rising in the sky. Then we will spot a bit a greenery, few trees and barley fields…. The village of Sumda Chenmo is getting close… After visiting the tiny monastery and a lunch break next to the river, we will start walking up hill toward the Dundunchen pass.
- Elevation + : 300m
- Elevation - : 400m
- Hours of walk : 4h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

We will start the day with a gradual uphill walk  up to the Dundunchen pass (4 700m). From the pass, we will be able to see the road we hit from Konzke La. It is a fascinating spectacle with a chaotic melange of colourful rocks, grey schist and green serpentines… Along with the ochres, browns and red of the Mountains. Then we will walk on a stiff downhill path toward the gorges of the Zanskar river up to the village of Chilling (3 500m)
- Elevation + : 500m
- Elevation - : 1300m
- Hours of walk : 5h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

We will cross the Zanskar river with the basket bridge and will enter the Markha Valley. An easy day of walk without any elevation.
- Elevation + : 150m
- Elevation - : 50m
- Hours of walk : 4h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

From Skyu, and on a ncie path, we will walk through the Markha Valley. We will cross several times the river either on bridges or fording the river. It is one of the most beautiful valley of the Ladakh region where green fields contrast with the aridity of the colourful rocks.
- Walking hours : 7h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

We will cross again several times the Markha river, before reaching the Homalang village. The valley get gradually wider, opening on the imposant massif of the Kangyatse. We will continue our walk and will cross Hangkar (3 930m), the highest village of Markha.
- Walking hours : 6h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

A short day of walk toward the pass of Zalung La (5 190m). We will cross the ruins of some ancient hamlets : Tikyu, Langtang Chen. We will then spend the night at the feet of the pass.
- Waking hours : 4h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

A long (but gradual) uphill walk up to the pass of Zalung. There, we will have an unobstructed view on the massifs of Zanskar and Kangyatse. After a well disserved break, we will start a long downhill walk to the village of Sorro.
- Elevation - : 1000m
- Walking hours : 6-7h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

We will end our trekking in the Valley of Markha at Dat, one of the numerous pastors’ village of the region. We will start the day with a downhill walk toward the amazing gorges of Dat. We will then walk along the river Chang Chu that weaves in a paradisiac valley; in a little paradise, far away from the rest of the world.
- Walking hours : 4-5h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

We will hit the road again for two hours toward the Changtang Plateau at the south of the Markha Valley, and only few kilometers from Tibet. There, the landscape will be totally different. A real treat for great spaces lovers ! During the summer, many nomads come for their goats, sheep, horses and yaks flocks to graze in this region of pastures. The Changtang lakes also host numerous protected species of migrating birds. Once we will have reached the lake Tsokar, we will set up the camp and will walk on the side of the lake. The read and ochre landscapes of the surrounding mountains reflect in the turquoise waters of the lake. It is also a great opportunity to observe the birds.
- Walking hours : 3h
- Transportation hours : 2-3h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

We will star our walk toward the Tso Moriri Lake through a hilly region with great alpine pastures, where the nomad Champas come for their cattle to graze during the summer. We will frequently bump into nomads camps. We will go to meet with them and will set up our bivouac next to their camp. After that, we will walk toward the Horlam La pass which is surrounded by a large number of above 6 000m summits of the massifs of Korzog and Rupsu.  Elevation, both uphill and downhill are gradual.
- Elevation + : 400m
- Elevation - : 300m
- Walking hours : 5-6h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

We will cross two passes at an altitude above 5 000m. But because of our acclimation, this day of trekking will not be that tough and difficult. Moreover, uphill walks to the passes are relatively gradual. The scene from those two passes is unforgettable
- Elevation + : 400m
- Elevation - : 300 m
- Walking hours : 6h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

That will be our last day of trekking. We will reach the village of Korzog, on the banks of the Tso Moriri Lake, one of the highest lake in the world. The lake covers an area of about 120 square kilometers. This lake is a major spot for birds to reproduce and an inescapable halt toward the migration routes for more than 40 species of water birds. Some Champas are living all year long around the lake.
- Elevation + : 600m
- Elevation - : 800m
- Walking hours : 4-5h
- Accommodation : Bivouac under tents

Morning hike around the lake. We will visit the monastery of Korzog.
Then we will take the road to return to Leh.
- Transportation hours: 6-7h
- Accommodation: Hotel

Flight back to Delhi.
End of our services.

What's included

- All the transports and transfers in private vehicle
- Outside LEH Guest house and Tented Camp on full board basis
- In LEH, Hotel on BB basis
- Oxygen available if needed
- English speaking Ladakhi Guide at Ladakh
- Staffs ( Cook, Assistant Cook, Mules) according to size of the group
- Camping equipment and collective cooks at bivouacs including tents, tent mess, tent cook, tent toilets, table and chairs, mattresses...
- Entrances to the mentioned sites, trekking permits and park entrances according to the itinerary
- Domestic flight indicated in supplement

What's not included

- Stay in Delhi, fooding at Leh except Breakfast
- Indian Visa to get in advance
- International flights
- Insurance detail compulsory
- Tips, personal expences, drinks, sleeping bag etc...
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