Interest in Nepal? Where ? When ? What to do ?

Interest in Nepal? Where ? When ? What to do ?

ith Basecamptrek, a Himalayan French-speaking agency in Kathmandu.

* Nepal is of course a paradise for trekking, hiking, and very high mountain expeditions. But not only. There are also medieval towns listed as World Heritage in the Kathmandu valley, high places of spiritual or religious pilgrimage, the 'Kipling' jungle where you can still see the Bengal tiger, walks in motorbikes, charming mid-mountain lodges, themed trips, etc. Without forgetting of course the incomparable welcome of the Nepalese, in all their diversity, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, but who have in common a discreet charm, a natural kindness, and a contagious smile. If we tell you that more than 30°/° of visitors return for a 2°, 3°,... 10° trip to Nepal, then something is happening there!

* Period: February to late April and September to December are dry periods with a temperate climate ideal for hikes, treks, and mountain views.
* To get there there are no direct flights from Europe.
> Vistara, cheap with transit to Delhi
> Turkish Airlines via Istanbul
> Qatar or Emirates, a little more expensive but impeccable services.
Nb: we recommend that you take flights directly with the airline rather than on sites that offer little flexibility in the event of a change of dates. Basecamptrek can take care of your airline reservations. Ask us, we are quick to relax!

> Online visas ($30 for 15 days, $50 for 1 month)

* What to do in Nepal?

Hiking and trekking

> The essential treks: More than 25 hikes and treks, guided by our French-speaking guides, from the easiest to the most intense, from 2 or 3 days to long treks of 10 to 20 days in massifs such as the Annapurnas, Manaslu, Gosainkundh & the Langthang, the Everest region or Kanchenjunga.
> More hidden and therefore less popular treks such as Mustang, Dolpo, Dudh Kunda and Pike Peak, the Rukum shaman region, Dhaulagiri, etc.
> Themed treks combining walking and an activity such as yoga or painting or why not choral singing?

NB: all our guides receive first aid and altitude sickness prevention training each year provided by French high mountain rescuers.

Cultural discoveries
> The Kathmandu Valley is an incomparable jewel of temples, architecture, vibrant markets, colors, and unpredictable streets, in the ancient medieval cities of Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, or Kirtipur as well as charming villages like Bandipur, Bungamati, Khokna or Sankhu,
> Museums: the National Museum in Kathmandu, the Patan Museum considered one of the most beautiful in Asia, and the Himalayan Museum in Pokhara.
> Spiritual high places such as the great Stupas of Bodnath and its Tibetan monasteries or Swayambo, Pharping or Namo Buddha, Pashupatinath, high place of cremation on the sacred Bagmati river and of course Lumbini, birthplace of the Buddha.

> At the foot of the Himalayas, Nepal is also a paradise for bird lovers. The country has several national parks in the Terai jungle, a region bordering India: Chitwan (crocs, rhinos), Koshi Tapu for migratory birds, or Bardya where you can still see a Bengal tiger. A beautiful and peaceful walk to relax from the verticality of the mountains.

> Trekking summits (between 5 and 6,000 m altitude) accessible to anyone in good health, motivated, and with a little technical alpine experience: crampons, ice axes, ropes.
Pisang Peak, Lobuché Peak, Island Peak, Mera Peak, etc…
> The very high mountain (above 6,000 m) is reserved for experienced mountaineers.

Pokhara and relaxation:
> For those seeking rest and tranquility, Pokhara and Lake Pewa an ideal vacation spots with walks and day trips for idyllic views of the nearby Himalayan peaks. The more intrepid can try paragliding (double) from the heights of Sarangkhot. You can also stay in charming lodges to immerse yourself in rural life, in Jumbesi in Sherpa country, Dampus at the foot of Machhapucharé, Nagarkhot on the heights of Kathmandu or Namo Buddha.

And crafts everywhere to glean some antiques, real or fake, notably wood carving in Bhaktapur or lost wax statuary in Patan, fabrics, and pashmina, not forgetting Tibetan singing bowls...

And on a motorbike?

> On a motorbike, the roads of Nepal, which sometimes only have a name, are an ideal playground for Enfield Himalayan trials, once you master right and left, and random flashing. Walks accompanied by a mechanic, between the rice fields of medium altitude

Tibet & Bhutan, in the footsteps of Alexandra David-Neel
Basecamptrek is a specialist in Tibet and Bhutan, trips that can be combined with a few days in Nepal.

One thing more, that one trip will not be enough!