Hiking and Trekking

These circuits are aimed at hikers of all levels, without considering the technical aspects, and includes at least 4 days of successive itinerant pedestrian steps ranging from an easy difficulty of 4-5 hr per day under 3000 m, to over a week with crossings of major Himalayan passes over 5000 m (7hr or more daily over several weeks).

This covers the great classics such as the famous Everest Base Camp trek (in Nepal or in Tibet) or the Annapurna trek. These itineraries include lodges for off-the-beaten tracks, trekking in remote areas of Bhutan or Nepal, in old-fashioned bivouacs or at home. Most of the hiking is done far from any access roads; you will appreciate the professionalism, the attentive services, the warm but discreet character of our devoted guides, Sherpas, cooks, carriers or muleteers as the case may be.