Client Review

Name: Johann Terrier
Trip (Voyage) : Trek Langtang
Date Of Trip : du 19/10 au 3/11 2019
Rating :

Everything was perfect for us - from the layout, to the accommodation, guide and experience more generally.

- The course was indeed very nice because varied even if not very difficult. We usually finish the stages quite early because it seems that we were rather faster than the forecasts but it was perfect for us because we left a little later than the others in the morning, arrived earlier and therefore had time to explore our point of arrival or simply to relax. Ashok adapted to us and understood that sometimes we wanted to move a little faster
- No problem with accommodation and meals on the course
- Ashok was very attentive and attentive. Indeed it was very clear that he observed us the first days and when we gained higher altitudes to see how we reacted to the effort. He was also very attentive and brought us fresh fruit at the end of each meal. A little attention that made jealous ????
- Our carrier (Binod), who had been there for the first time, was also perfect. Despite our speed slightly higher than others, it almost always arrived almost at the same time as us. He always had a smile.
- Ashok also knew how to adapt to us and our desires. At times we spent long hours exchanging, joking or chatting ... then for a few hours we simply wanted to enjoy in silence. I would say that overall he has great human intelligence.
- Finally he has a contagious good mood and it was clear that he even made laugh all the other guides and tenants of the various lodges.

You will understand that we are delighted with our trip and will recommend the agency without any problem!

Thank you again and good luck