There are no compulsory vaccinations to enter Nepal territory. However, we recommend you to get the below mentioned vaccinations :

• Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio
• Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B
• Typhoid (in case of long journey with low level of comfort)
• Rabies (in case of long stay)

Malaria : Malaria occurs all the provinces located in the Teraï region, the South Belt region of Nepal, along the Indian boarder. It also occurs in India all over the year below 2000 meters high. Protect yourself carefully against mosquitoes bites ! It is possible to take a preventive treatment for the Malaria as the MALARONE.

Take some advises from your general Physician !Do not forget to plan getting your injecions in advance !!

We advise you to bring a little first aid kit in case of any problem :

• For Headaches : aspirins, paracetamol
• For Diarrheas : Imodium, Ercefuril, Diarced, Scorodum
• For Vomiting : Primperan
• For Transportation sickness : Nautamine, Scorodum
• For minor injuries : Antiseptic, scissors, bandages
• For water purification when you do not have any bottled water with you : Water purification tablets

While trekking, the High Altitude Sickness Syndrome may occur from 3000/4500 meters high. Symptoms may include : respiratory troubles (short stamina) and/or neurological symptoms such as sleeping troubles, nauseas, vomiting, headaches. In most serious cases, High Altitude Sickness Syndrome may link to death. It is of the highest importance to consider this seriously and to get progressively adapted to the altitude for risks reduction.