The west has always had a fascination for Tibet in one way or another from the time of Marco Polo. A land of spirituality with thousands of monks, today Tibet is no longer the land described by Alexandra David-Neel or Father Huc; that Tibet has vanished but another has taken its place. The energy of destitution, the hunger to survive, the tenacious fervor are the true legacy of Tibet, and none of them have changed ... on the high plateau at more than 4000 m, the virgin, desert-like land where the spirits seem closer…Several routes are open, like the road from Kathmandu to Lhasa and Central Tibet, Kailash or Kham and Amdo.

Custom Tibet Discovery
Tibet is a land of adventure par excellence and despite the vicissitudes of history, a hike or a journey of discovery made-to-measure in Tibet remains a unique experience thanks to the uplifting fervor of today's Tibetans. It’s a journey of spiritual awakening in high places of central Tibet, in the great monasteries of Samyé or Drépung, the small hermitages to which the pilgrims converge, from where no one returns untouched or unchanged.

Hiking on the high Tibetan plateau
But Tibet is also the immensity of physical vastness- the highlands, nomadic pastures, a world where you can hike for days, between heaven and earth. And it is of course to the sacred mountain of Kailash that all pilgrims stride towards and all lovers of discovery and hiking, in search of a unique trip to the Roof of the World.