Client Review

Name: Geoffroy Bulot
Date Of Trip : 14/03 01/04/2019
Rating :

The Annapurna tour made me want to repeat the experience, always with the BaseCampTrek agency for the trek of the three passes, plus a passage by the Everest base camp as well as the long-awaited ascent of " Kala Patthar ", the black mountain. It was probably one of the most difficult treks I have done, with several passes over 5000 meters, quite difficult weather conditions, but certainly one of the most magnificent treks. The beauty of the landscapes accompanied by the kindness and generosity, unique in the world, on the part of the Nepalese people, make this trek unforgettable. On my first trip, I was told, "the first time, we come to Nepal for its mountains, and the second time we come back for the Nepalese". But in the end, after there was once, we only have one desire, to go back!

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