Client Review

Name: Agnès Barthelemy
Date Of Trip : 31/03/2024
Rating :

First of all, a huge THANK YOU for everything that Base Camp Trek has put in place thanks to its fantastic teams from our arrival and already in advance by telephone. I felt safe throughout the trip thanks to your discreet but always presence when we were far away in the mountains.

This trip was extreme on an emotional level, the meeting with the people of this country was so pure, and magnificent, encounters of the heart even if the words were not there, there were the gestures, "namasté" was a wonderful sesame, your face lights up, you take the time to stop holding your hands... journey of discovery of this wonderful country, its landscapes of rice terraces, and the vision of all these peaks with mythical names of the Himalayas.
I was dazzled by the beauty of the architecture, the finesse of the sculptures, the richness of the iconography, and this dominant colour of red, orange and golden yellow, with all the gradients, the remainder of the or even in the plants, the garlands of offerings, the people themselves with dark skin draped in these clothes of warm and vivid colours!
Once again a big thank you to everyone at Base Camp Trek for your efficiency and kindness.
I will come back, for sure.

Agnès b.