In a quiet region away from the boisterous crowds, a trek in the Ganesh Himal region heightens your awareness as you hike through Tamang and Gurung villages that seem out of place in the 21st century. Our journey starts with an overnight at a farmhouse resort followed by a long drive to Syabrubesi. The trek takes you through forests, barley fields, mountain passes, all the while enjoying gorgeous views of the Himalayas.

For those who like to avoid crowds and enjoy a quiet trek, the Ganesh Himal region is one of the ideal trekking areas, northwest of Kathmandu, . Trekking through Tamang and Gurung villages, one encounters villagers from varied ethnicities whose traditions remain well preserved over the centuries. The serene beauty of villages like Gatlang, Somang or Sethun along the way, the excellent views of Ganesh Himal, Langtang or Manaslu, camping in wild and unique places all add up to make this trek one of the most beautiful "old-fashioned" treks suited for those who wish to keep away from major tourist hot spots. Overnighting at Nuwakot’s Famous Farm House (only an hour’s drive from Kathmandu) is extremely popular and very enjoyable.

- Tamang, Gatlang, Somang and Sethun villages and their culture.
- View of Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Langtang.
- Un-crowded trek in a wild region yet close to Kathmandu.
- An old-fashioned bivouac trek with a caring team.



  • Level of Trek: Moderate
  • Best Period: March - April & October - November
  • Duration: 14 Days
  • Number of walking days: 10
  • Highest Altitude: 3750 Meters
  • Accomodation: Hotel in Kathmandu & Lodge/Camp during trek
Leave No Trace

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You are welcomed and transferred to the hotel for check-in
- Accommodation: Hotel in Kathmandu on BB Plan

We leave Kathmandu valley by road, negotiating our way up and down to reach the old Newar village of Nuwakot and the Famous Farm House. Overnight at this delightful farm resort.
- Duration of drive: 3 ½ hr
We drive gradually up to Dhunche followed by a long descent to Syabrubesi, the starting point for treks to the Langtang valley. Then we’re on our way to Gatlang which is a real gem of a village. The traditional wooden houses, huddled together, teem with life where the inhabitants dressed in their traditional clothes are seen going about their business. Gatlang, the largest Tamang village in the region is an interesting settlement making for a pleasant walk. With about 330 houses in all, it also has a cheese factory.
- Accommodation: Lodge
After 5 hours of steep climbing, we reach Khurpundanda Pass (3,650m). It’s a pleasant climb, switching between the trail and the road for the first part. Then the path winds through the forest and on numerous occasions, there are magnificent views of the snow-capped peaks of the Langtang Himal. At certain times of the year, there will be snow on the pass when you arrive. At these times, the trail becomes more difficult to negotiate. The descent to Somdang on a wide stone road is pleasant which makes it possible to move at a good pace. Located against the mountain, the small village of Somdang with around thirty villagers has a lovely backdrop of snowy peaks.
- Duration of hike: 6hr
- Elevation: +1,370m / - 450m
- Accommodation: Bivouac under tents
This is a day of hiking between Somdang and the Pansan Bhanjyang Pass (3,750m), a magnificent climb through a rhododendron forest. After two hours of climbing, we reach the trail that crosses the hillside to the pass which offers breathtaking views of  Langtang Himal and Shisha Pangma! We then descend to Pansang Kharka, a beautiful place in the countryside. The descent is fast and steep.
- Duration of hike: 4hr
- Elevation: + 540m / - 195m
- Accommodation: Bivouac under tents
The descent to Tipling is gentler. The trail goes through a lovely forest whose trees are all covered with moss, a very special atmosphere. The day ends with a gentle crossing of a forest of rhododendrons in bloom (March, April). A steeper stretch finally joins the village. Tipling is a village with crops growing on terraced hillsides. The inhabitants mainly cultivate barley, buckwheat, potatoes, corn and wheat, which helps to ensure more or less their food self-sufficiency. The traditional houses that belong to another era make for a warm atmosphere. The view of Ganesh Himal in the first light of the day is an unforgettable sight.
- Duration of hike: 5hr
- Elevation: - 1375m
- Accommodation: Bivouac under tents
We come across the very extensive village of Tipling, divided into two parts, quite a distance from each other. The starting is pleasant on a hillside trail that crosses the villages before descending to the bridge. We arrive at Kamigaon, a welcoming village with blue roofs. The descent to the bridge is quite dizzying but the climb on the other side is more gradual.
Next, we reach the charming village of Sertung; a large village with a school and a gompa that overlooks the village. The monastery displays remarkable statues and enjoys a great view of the village. We camp in the village or at the monastery (+ 45mn).
- Duration of hike: 3 ½ hr
- Elevation: - 540m / + 290m
- Accommodation: Bivouac under tents
We make a long descent of 2 ½ hr of walking to cross the village of Borang.
We climb up a magnificent shaded stone path leading up the hill, then a long hike through terraced hills of the village. We finally reach Lapagaon on a plateau, a large traditional village with a river running through and a wide playground. The inhabitants are friendly and welcoming. We camp on the outskirts of the village.
- Duration of hike: 5hr
- Accommodation: Bivouac under tents
A 3- hour steep climb on the long trail of irregular pebbles to the Mangro Bhanjyang pass (2,660m) followed by a pleasant descent into an impressive, wild forest. The forest has a welcoming freshness to it. A small stream with crystal clear waters welcomes travelers. We come across a superb panorama where a gentle climb leads to a beautiful forest and on to the Myangal Bhanjyang pass (2,860m). After spending all morning in the forest with an incredible view of Ganesh Himal, we are greeted by a stunning panorama.
- Duration of hike: 6hr
- Elevation: + 1050m / - 150m
- Accommodation: Bivouac under tents

Pass at 2, 870m – Bridge (1,510m): 3hr, - 1,360m Bridge (1,510m) – Yarsa (1,830m): 1 ½ hr, + 320m
From Myangal Bhanjyang Pass, we make a long vertical descent in some places heading to the bridge. Then a steep climb leads to the village. Yarsa is quite a traditional village clinging to a cliff but it offers no infrastructure for tourists.
- Duration of hike: 4hr
- Elevation: - 1,360m / + 320m
- Accommodation: Bivouac under tents

* Note: Day 11 & Day 12 will be separated by a camp that will depend on the water points available. So the elevations and duration of hike can vary from day to day.

We come across a great crossing with an incredible view of Manaslu. Then walk along a high path with a bird's eye view of the valley below. Some 1,000m below, the Budi Gandaki meanders and rumbles at the bottom of the valley. Keronja is a large Gurung village here with verdant terraced hillsides. The culture here is much more advanced than in other villages we come across during the rest of the trek and the terraced hillsides make for great landscapes.
- Duration of hike: 5hr
- Elevation: + 260m / - 100m
- Accommodation: Bivouac under tents

* Note: From Yarsa, you have the option of going directly to Lapubhesi and Arughat even if it would be a shame to miss the village of Keronja, one of the highlights of the trek.
We make a very pleasant descent enjoying the sights and sounds of various cultures and villages to reach Budi Gandaki which we follow on a nice walk all the way to Lapubhesi. The sound of bells indicates the presence of mule caravans that transport goods through difficult terrain to the Manaslu area.
- Duration of hike: 4-5hr
- Elevation: - 1,150m
- Accommodation: Lodge

Leaving Lapubhesi, we hike another few kilometers to catch a vehicle that will drive us to Kathmandu via Gorkha,
-Duration of drive: 8 hours by bus.
- Duration of hike: 2-3hr
- Accommodation: Hotel in Kathmandu

Transfer to TIA (Kathmandu Airport) for the return flight.
End of our services.

What's included

- Transfers by private vehicle according to the itinerary
- 2 nights at the hotel Holy Himalaya in BB
- 1 night at Famous Farm House in Nuwakot on half board
- Trek full board in lodge 2 pax and bivouac (from 3)
- English speaking guide for trekking
- Local team: Porters, assistant guide (and cook if in bivouac version)
- Shared camping and kitchen equipment if the trek in bivouac version
- Required Permits of the region
- Local staff insurance

What's not included

- Lunch, dinner and visit in Kathmandu
- Lunch in Nuwakot
- Nepal Visa ($30 + Photo)
- Flights
- Compulsory repatriation insurance
- Drink, tip, hot shower, sleeping bag, battery charge
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