Client Review

Name: Catherine Mullier
Trip (Voyage) : Tsum Valley Trek
Date Of Trip : 03/10/2023
Rating :

Oulala!! It's already been a week since we got back and I haven't gotten back to you...

It was an extraordinary trek, especially the Tsum Valley where for 10 days we thought we were in nirvana!!! The beauty of the landscapes, life in the villages, and the human warmth of the valley's inhabitants made us forget the bad weather.

We only made it halfway around Manaslu because I unfortunately fell ill. We stopped just before Lhô where we turned around because, with the fever and cough, I didn't feel capable of crossing the Larke Pass.... That will be for another time, that's for sure, wouldn't be -what to “dive” again into the gorges of the Buddhi Gandakhi!!

Thank you for giving us a wonderful guide, in the person of Asohk Raï. Of all my treks he is truly the best guide I have ever had.

Otherwise, we informed the agency that to climb Kal Tal from Prok, you need a local guide: it was the village community that decided this. The cost charged this year was 1,500 rupees for the day.
The climb is tough but the reward is worth the effort. I sent photos to Jasmine, at her request.

There you have it, I wish you a slightly less stormy end to autumn, and many happy end-of-year holidays in advance.
And most certainly see you in a year!!!!