Client Review

Name: Jean Werlen
Trip (Voyage) : Upper Mustang trek
Date Of Trip : 09/08/2016 au 26/08/2016
Rating :

The 3 passes of Kumbu bring together varied and prodigious landscapes. We were able to appreciate these marvels thanks to an efficient and empathetic support.

First of all when we arrived, complicated and very dispersed, a warm welcome by our attentive guide. Then to recover my baggage then "lost" at CDG, a mobilization of the agency to find it, then driving (by motorbike) and introduction with airport agents to, finally, find the equipment. This misadventure made us grasp our vulnerability but also the essential security provided by the agency.

More classically I want to underline the permanent attention of our guide throughout the course, transfers and journeys. Always in an equal and attentive mood, he never ceases to explain. The whole team is in unison, efficient and friendly. The mastery of French, and even some expressions in Alsatian, make the contact more fruitful. Obviously the size of the group (7 people) and prior knowledge considerably help the collective dynamic and facilitate mobility. The ability to constantly adapt, even to improvise securely, provides comfort and discoveries that are far more interesting than the development of a preliminary program.

In short it was a very nice trek, very nice and serene. Thank you all.