Client Review

Name: Christian & Ruth Terrier
Trip (Voyage) : Ganden to Yamdrok lake
Date Of Trip : 23/09 - 17/10/2019
Rating :

Dear Sir, we Back from Tibet and Nepal for almost a month now, we would like to thank you for the perfect organization of this wonderful trip.

We had a lot of fun discovering these amazing regions.

All our guides, in Kathmandu, Chengdu, Lhasa, during the trek and up to the Tibet-Nepal border, and finally from this border until the return to Kathmandu, proved to be as friendly and helpful as they were competent. The same went for the drivers, the cook and all the other people who accompanied us during the trek.

During the first two thirds of the trip, the weather was still quite variable. We reached Shuchung Lake under a gray sky while facing a stormy icy wind. The very next day, even most of the "white clouds" had disappeared. We took full advantage of the splendid views of the Himalayan peaks.

We especially enjoyed the originality of the route around the Yamdrok Tso, where we met only natives!

The region is changing very fast. The Chinese are constantly expanding the railway lines, the roads, the high voltage lines, ... Everywhere, houses are being built. Real nomads, we have not met any more. Only guardians of sheep and yaks. Many shelters are abandoned in the highlands.

Do you know that a beautiful asphalt road climbs from Yamdrok Tso to Kangru Gompa, then continues as a track almost to the top of Jeshul La? Suffice to say that the village of Kangru is now well served in electricity and telephone.

Congratulations on the choice of hotels. The Kantipur Temple House, Yabshi Phunkhang and the Famous Farm of Nuwakot are extraordinary. NB: The Snow Leopard in Tingri has been razed and is under reconstruction.

Thanks again !

Yours sincerely

Christian and Ruth Terrier