Miss Hawley, the memory of Himalayanism

Living in Nepal since 1960, Miss Hawley, an American journalist, has compiled a fabulous database of all Himalayan expeditions since arriving in Kathmandu. But as she said herself: "I do not know how it fell on me because I have never made the least expedition, I hate trekking. I like sleeping in a comfortable bed, eating properly and driving my blue ladybug in the alleys of Kathmandu! ''. At the beginning of the season, Miss Hawley Visited the trekking agencies to know the number of expeditions, the summits expected, the names of all foreign and Nepali climbers, their spouses ... and even their dogs! "So, Jerome, something interesting at Base Camp Trek for me this season?" - well no, Miss Hawley, sorry, nothing for you in this season. We'll see you in Autumn. - But you had told me about an expedition of 4 people to Lhotse in this spring? "Oops, I forgot but not her: '' Ah, yes! they canceled ''

Or as laughing climbers from all countries would say: '' Whoever you are, Reinhold Messner, Chris Bonington, Benoist Chamoux, Erhard Loretan or David Breashears, the success of your expedition will never be recognized until Miss Hawley gets the chance. will have recognized herself! "

As she said again when she was told about retirement, '' I will not stop until my death. '' This January 28, 2018, she left us leaving behind her old ladybug and a mountain of information meticulously collected for 60 years. Miss Hawley is a little memory of the Himalayas which disappears.

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