Currently, a new virus identified by the Chinese authorities, the coronavirus (nCoV), is panicking the world's population.

As a travel agency, therefore belonging to the world of tourism, we directly notice all the effects and all the repercussions that this virus has on local tourism.

We therefore wanted to show you our seriousness by sending you a message from our entire team in order to allay your fears.

You are wondering about the continuation of your trip and your fears are completely legitimate.

We fully understand that you are asking questions when hearing international news about the Asian region. First of all, know that the subject of Coronavirus is on the front page of all the media, French and worldwide, which greatly fuel this fear. We understand your fear by our geographic proximity to the Chinese population.

In Nepal, we follow the news very closely and despite the global psychosis which reigns over the countries of Asia, we can assure you that Nepal is to this day relatively spared. Indeed, only one case has been identified so far, so the risk is minimal. This is an isolated case and the authorities have not released any restrictions or special emergency recommendations for the country.

At the moment, there is really nothing to worry about in relation to a trip to Nepal. All our team live in Nepal and we do not run any more risk than you in France, where 6 cases have been identified. To play down the matter, it should be remembered that the “classic” flu causes 500 to several thousand deaths in France each year; there is therefore no objective reason to avoid this area of ??the world, apart from China of course.

To reassure you, know that the same security measures and controls at airports in force in Europe are applied on arrival at Kathmandu airport (temperature scan, quarantine of suspected persons at the airport ...)

At this stage the travel restrictions only apply to China.

We invite you to regularly check the following websites, which are much more reliable than the mass media:…

And follow the basic recommendations:

• avoid contact with live or dead animals, go to markets where animals are sold and avoid consuming undercooked or undercooked animal products;

• avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infection;

• wash your hands regularly with soapy water or with alcohol-based washing solutions

That’s why, given the current circumstances, there is no reason to cancel trips to Nepal. If it turns out that a pandemic does not globalize, the WHO will publish a declaration specifying the countries concerned, in which case we will obviously cancel the trip which will be fully reimbursed at no cost.

On site, we can only advise you to wear masks, necessary anyway with chronic pollution in Kathmandu, and to follow the security measures mentioned upstream.

Anyway, know that we remain at your disposal if you have any questions and that we want to reassure each of your doubts.

We wish you a very good day.

The entire Base Camp Trek team

Written by Thaïs, Base Camp Trek

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